Sustainable learning needs visions

Promote intrinsically motivated learning with our award-winning learning concept ZIEL-Lernsystem


Make your education and training fit for the future.

The successful ZIEL-Lernsystem now also available as an app.

The ZIEL-Lernsystem offers you a scientifically based learning concept for modern vocational training and continuing education.

The 4 C's for education in the 21st century

Communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

In a networked world where robots do routine jobs and bots already do head work, the C's make the difference. That can be trained.

Peerteaching, SOL and
Working Out Loud

Methods for collaborative and self-organized learning.

Knowledge is becoming more and more, internal know-how transfer is going to be more and more important. To manage all this, networking and intelligent learning methods are needed.


The award-winning learning and development system - with complete digital support.

Self-motivation and self-direction are the most powerful success factors for learning - and intelligent systems that enable this at all times.

The four C's - keys to learning and development

We combine proven and new formats with you, online or ‘classic’, in workshop or training style, but always with experiential or outdoor pedagogical methods, in order to design and implement your individual DEVELOP learning in your education and training.


Peerteaching, SOL and Working Out Loud


Learning is most sustainable when the thinking structure of the trainer is (still) close to that of the learner. Learning with and from each other, empowering each other, whether in ‘flipped classroom mode’ or conventionally, therefore holds huge opportunities if the peers are methodologically well equipped. To this end, we advise and train you and your learners.


Self-organized learning (SOL)

The amount of all knowledge doubles every 7 years. Self-organized learning is the only way to even begin to keep up. This requires intelligent, diverse learning methods, especially for digital learning worlds, as well as good self-management. Both can be learned! We train you in them.

Working Out Loud

From knowledge collector to knowledge sharer – Working Out Loud methods combine goal setting, motivation, peer teaching and SOL methods in an amazingly ingenious way – especially for networking and collegial continuing education. We work with you to develop the learning architectures that are right for you – in conjunction with the ZIEL-Lernsystem.


The ZIEL-Lernsystem as a integrated concept

In school we have learned that the ‘lead’ in learning lies with the teacher – thus also the responsibility for the goals, organization, methods and times of learning.

In the ZIEL-Lernsystem, we turn this around: The learner determines the learning and development goals – even within training frameworks. The learners are supported by smart questioning and consulting techniques of the trainers, instructors and coaches to smarten up the right goals, to choose suitable methods for them and to define the right learning and practical exercises.

Together with Liebherr Hausgeräte, we received the Deutschen Bildungspreis 2017 in the training category for our ZIEL-Lernsystem. We have thus also received confirmation from renowned experts that the ZIEL-Lernsystem is an excellent training and learning approach.

* Deutscher Bildungspreis 2017/2018 in der
Kategorie Ausbildung (TÜV-Süd & Christiani)

Or experience selected methods of the ZIEL-Lernsystem in one of our introduction workshops. We provide appointments on request.

Get to know the essence of the ZIEL-Lernsystem for the target group 'education':

... with which you can achieve sustainable behavioral changes.

Do not wait for the instruction, the control or the helping advice but to take initiative and responsibility for personal development – this is one of the most important challenges in times of ever new requirements, disruption and digital transformation. Basics will always remain, expertise, tasks and activities and, above all, self-organization will always change.

Intrinsically motivated learning

through self-directed and self-set goals.

Taking responsibility

for one's own learning and progress.

Boost self-confidence

by achieving the goal you set for yourself: I can do this!

Promote self-organization

through thorough smart definition of tasks and goals.

Strengthen self-efficacy

by imagining for myself what it will be like when I achieve it.

Develop personally

through greater self-awareness of one's own ability to act.

Devyl - Develop your learning

Paper and pencil was yesterday. With our Devyl platform, you get everything modern vocational training and continuing education needs.

Devyl offers everything a modern training needs. It has the best features of a  training administration, a learining management systems and a  talent-management system.

At a single glance:

  • ZIEL-Lernsystem as the basis for sustainable training
  • Complete training management
  • Integrated learning management system (LMS)
  • Factual time structure in a clear training plan
  • Transfer planning with automatic access for departments
  • E-learnings in H5P format
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • DSGVO compliant

Agree on TARGETS and conduct development discussions.

Combine personal development with commitment to self while receiving ongoing feedback.

Use questionnaires to regularly assess self and others and identify areas for improvement.

Keep an overview of the training process.

Digitally map the complete subject and time structure and transfer plan and keep an eye on it throughout the entire training period – for learners and trainers.

Develop complete learning journeys based on blended learning and create a completely different quality of training.



Deliver digital content

With a fully integrated learning management system (LMS), you can provide digital content for your learners.

Even as e-learning with videos, presentations, quizzes, and progress checks – an overview per learner shows you the current status.

We wouldn't be Develop-P if we hadn't thought of you.

Let us advise you on our innovative concepts for the digital transformation of learning groups and vocational training

All this during ongoing operation?

How is that supposed to work?

Our consultants


Martin Braun

Dipl. Päd., Managing Director of the DEVELOP-P GmbH
He has been working in the field of qualification of trainers and trainees for 30 years.

Trainers are increasingly personality developers, especially in times of the pandemic. It is one of the most exciting tasks ever to learn ‘discovering the world’ with young adults, both in the whole networked online world and in the real environment of experienced employees.


Claudia Harrasser

Mag. Phil., M.A. (personnel development, TU Kaiserslautern)
Since 1997 active in various funcitons in professional training and
further education

Education is the key time in life, setting the course for the future. Fortunately, there are good tools for this crucial task. My work is always about working with people to fill and expand their personal toolboxes. Then this is probably one of the most satisfying and rewarding activities of all.


Ulrike Lorenz

Dipl. Psych., partner at DEVELOP-P
various managment positions from personnel management to
plant management. Has been working as a trainer and coach for 10 years.

Moving people’ means tapping the potential of the individual learner, the respective team and the training organization in order to create something new and to shape development.

Sandra Henle

Sandra Henle, commercial education, Mag. Art. Social Behavioral Sciences, Management Assistant in several intern. companies, trainer and seminar management at DEVELOP-P.

Enriched by my personal learning experiences in different trainings and positions, I support learners with passion and commitment to find a basis for themselves and from there to develop with great curiosity, self-confidence and courage.