Developing people and supporting teams

Strengthen your company through integrated employee development

The success of your company is defined…
…by the success of your talents.

Employees and teams

Create the right conditions for high-performance teams

Culture and communication

Promote corporate culture and use it as a starting point for a successful corporate future

Learning organization

Enabling employees and teams to proactively address and master the challenges of the future

Employees and teams

The success of your company is determined…

…with the success of your talents and their teams. Productive teams or even ‘high performance teams’ do not emerge by themselves. It depends on the right interaction of the different strengths and abilities of your talents and how powerfully they contribute to their respective team, the department and the company. It is important to develop talents and teams courageously and innovatively in a lively learning culture.

We support you and your employees consistently and goal-oriented…

Develop PEOPLE
  • to recognize and tackle their talents and development issues.
  • to set ambitious development goals, to agree on them in reviews with employees and then to pursue them sustainably.
  • to contribute constructively and to work with opposing types in teams in a constructive and binding manner.
  • to accept responsibility in their projects and teams.
  • to be able to respond to people with different cultural backgrounds and to consistently use the added value of diversity.

Our tools and methods

Culture and communication

Culture is first and foremost reflected in the way we interact and speak with each other. At the same time, the way we speak directly influences our culture – appreciative communication as applied cultural development. Together with you, we take the appropriate steps towards an empowering communication culture.

In this way, you can create  an environment  for your organization in which

  • your employees are able to respond to people with different cultural backgrounds.
  • openness is increasingly possible.
  • a shared knowledge of values and 'the right thing to do' emerges.
  • an honest and constructive feedback culture is practiced.
  • warm, social-emotional relationships help to master critical (project) phases together.
  • participation of all employees is made possible through practical methods.
  • commitment and dedication are rewarded at all levels.

Conflict Management

Wherever people live and work together, there will be conflicts. The decisive factor is how they are resolved. Addressing and resolving conflicts offers the greatest development opportunities for individuals and the greatest resource potential for teams.

Wherever people live and work together, there will be conflicts. The decisive factor is how they are resolved. Addressing and resolving conflicts offers the greatest development opportunities for individuals and the greatest resource potential for teams.

Develop PEOPLE

Our tools and methods

Learning organization

Anyone who wants to operate successfully in markets in the future must face enormous pressure to innovate and rapid change and adapt the corporate organization to it (John P. Kotter, 2015).

This means we have to keep learning new things, lifelong learning:

Learning from each other: newcomers from experienced people in the sense of knowledge transfer, learning with each other: learning groups and peer teaching but also collegial consulting, Learning together: shaping changes and new requirements in teams and gaining agility in the entire organization.

It’s good if you have established helpful structures and attractive learning methods for this purpose.

Develop PEOPLE
  • where your employees see learning as an opportunity
  • where people are happy to pass on knowledge and where knowledge transfer is structurally anchored
  • where knowledge of varied, modern learning methods exists
  • where constructive feedback is perceived as the most favorable opportunity for personal development
  • where opportunities for mentoring and coaching are actually used

Our tools and methods

Our services

active employee interviews

virtual or face-to-face

Employees create valuable reviews and can derive real benefits for their development.

360degree feedback

individualized or according to validated standards

Key players get clarity on their challenges and development opportunities

improve motivation and self-management

especially in the home office

Workshops and coaching on motivation and self-management, among other things, according to the CRM - also online

promote team building and team development

team discussions and team development workshops - especially for virtual teams.

employee surveys

or across the entire organization

You receive central information about the current status and challenges of your organization.

carrying out potential analyses

Recognizing potentials and giving them a chance in the right environment - for individuals as well as for teams

development coaching for employees

Supporting the personal development of employees along the
5 phases of DEVELOP-Placement.

promotion of intercultural competence

Training to prepare and improve cooperation, especially in an international context

What we stand for

Personal, direct and authentic communication as a core element of leadership. We help to master this task.

What our customers say....

Our coaches

Develop PEOPLE

It is my deepest conviction that actively shaping change holds great opportunities for each individual as well as for teams and organizations.
During this time, I have experienced time and again that even the best individual measure brings only limited benefits if the environment does not follow suit. With a lot of luck, what remains of a first-class training is a good event.
Sustainability arises when personal development goes hand in hand with the development of the organization.

Martin Braun

Management-Trainer, Coach and General Manager

Through my diverse experiences as a personnel developer in industrial companies as well as in a social institution, it has become my vocation to accompany people and organizations in their development processes and to support them in successfully mobilizing their own resources. In doing so, I work consistently resource- and solution-oriented and rely on my high degree of empathy.

Christiane Gerdes

Management Trainer and coach, partner at DEVELOP-P

Develop PEOPLE

My many years of experience in the personnel management of an international IT and medical technology group together with my theoretical and practical knowledge as a psychologist have made me fit for the challenges as a consultant and coach.

I specialize in providing customized consulting services for managers on team and organizational development as well as in the design of change processes in national and international environments – also in English.

Ulrike Lorenz

Management Trainer and Coach, Partner at DEVELOP-P

As a manager in a large software company, further development of employees, development of high-performance teams, clarification of conflicts and consulting of colleagues were part of my daily work for many years. Analyzing challenges with other people, understanding connections and effects and working out solutions together are among my strengths.

Enno Gerdes

Management Trainer and Coach

Develop PEOPLE